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28th YEAR of U3A in NZ


Study Group Presentations

U3A’s point of difference from other organisations for Seniors is our Study Group [Special Interest Group] structure.  This enables us to carry out our stated aim

Those who teach will also learn

A link is here highlighted_1for the list of ‘Mini talks’ which were presented on the day by members of various U3A groups.  These members, delivering the presentations were not necessarily experts in the fields concerned, however some were, but as a result of personal in depth research they provided the learning experiences for those of us who attended.

2017 U3A in Action

Main Speaker Dr Paul Moon

Spoke on the 29 September 2017 to 200+ U3A Auckland members from all over the Auckland Region and beyond.

“Nostalgia and Utopianism in New Zealand


Guest Speaker Dr Paul Moon  Professor of History at A.U.T. has published 25 books, mostly about New Zealand History.  Professor Moon has appeared on numerous documentaries, current affairs, and news programmes, both in New Zealand and internationally. He is one of the country’s best-selling and most acclaimed historians.